As I promised yesterday, here's the interview of Elisabeth Teixeira!

1. PaSJ: When did you realize you wanted to enter the "Fashion World"? Tell us a little of your path until today.
Elisabeth: I remember being 5 years-old and ask my mum to do some clothes with some fabric and be fascinated with her couture box. I spent hours and hours playing with buttons and ribbons. My mother is very creative and she used to do clothes for my dolls and transform pieces. I knew since I was little what I wanted to do for living, so I studied Arts. I was born and I studied in Paris until the senior year of high school where I concluded the degree Arts and Crafts. When I came to Portugal I went to the Escola de Moda do Porto (Oporto Fashion School) and I've done the degree of Fashion Design. During the degree I entered in several contests, winning some prizes, one of them the Aliance Prize, that was the one who putted me on Portugal Fashion, 10 years ago, where I have been presenting my collections since then. I had the opportunity of learning with the best Portuguese Designers, such has Maria Gambina, Nuno Baltazar and Luís Buchinho.

2. PaSJ: You lived in Paris in your childhood. Does that influenced you too? What are your biggests influences?
Elisabeth: Paris and my childhood are my biggest inspirations. In one hand the glamour and the elegance of the city and in the other the darker side and the hip-hop culture. They are a constant influence in my collections. Music normally is the departure point to elaborate a piece, adding to that everything that surrounds me, like the actuality, movies, expositions, .... Every source of inspiration ends up materialized in my collections. I have like strong reference the 30's French fashion, Madeleine Vionnet, because she innovated  using geometric forms in the pieces she created and for being, at the same time, actual.

3. PaSJ: A day in Elisabeth Teixeira's skin? What is it like?
Elisabeth: Waking up at 7.30am, take my son to daycare and be at the atelier at 10am. Open the e-mail and between visits to suppliers and makers, meet clients. From 1pm to 2.30pm it's my lunch time, but I end up back to work before that. I don't two equal days. There are always something coming up or new opportunities that end up changing the whole day. At 6pm I'm done with work so I can pick up my son at the daycare and spend the rest of the day with him and my boyfriend. My family is my base.

4. PaSJ: If you had to choose, what are the four words that best describe your creations?
Elisabeth: Romantic, sportive, unexpected and fun.

5. PaSJ: Explain us your SS14 "Dévoiler" collection.
Elisabeth: The "Dévoiler" collection it's a re interpretation romantic of the new tribes. The collection reflects the divergence between the religion and brand cult. The streetwear pieces create a contemporary folklore, creating a symbiosis between Afican and Urban tribes. The departure point was the videoclip of M.I.A.'s song "Bad Girls". I started searching for tribes and I developed an interest for the North African tribes such as the Berbers ans the Tuaregs. That's why I used more natural materials and many patterns and overlaps, but I still wanted to create a etnic streetwear using technical materials and sportive forms, creating a comfortable and casual look.

6. PaSJ: Are we going to hear more about Elisabeth in the next years?
Elisabeth: I have several projects in hands at the moment, which I'll give news soon! But in addition to continuing to put collections in Portugal Fashion, I will continue to promote the brand across borders, internationalize the brand and capture new markets.

7. PaSJ: Last but not least, do you have any tips or anything you would like to say to future creators and Fashion Designers?
Elisabeth: In  this area we need to work a lot and have lots of will and dedication. It's a very difficult area, especially with the current economic situation, but it's necessary be aware of what the market asks.

Some pieces of the "Dévoiler" collection by Elisabeth Teixeira
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Only remains to thank Elisabeth again for the availability of answering this questions!

XX, Poison

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