Portugal Fashion Organic AW 14/15 - Day 2

In the second day of Portugal Fashion (first one in Oporto), we saw the collections of Luís Buchinho, Daniela Barros, Hugo Costa and Anabela Baldaque.
Here's some photographies:





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XX, Poison


New Topic: ESSENTIALS - Black Shoes

I decided to create a new topic: ESSENTIALS! I'll make collages of the essentials we all need to have in our wardrobe. Is there any better way to start but with the two most amazing things on Earth - black and shoes?

XX, Poison

Some cute ideas

Being all this endless days crazy sick made me basically live 24/7 on Pinterest and like sites alike. Well, it wasn't a loss of time! Actually I found some amazing ideas to makeover my bedroom/atelier. Here's some of them:

Nice for travellers, you can point wheverer you already were

I don't know why but I loved this idea!

Simple and easy way to put some photos on the wall without damaging it

Another one I don't know why...

This is absolutely beautiful! And you can pick your favorite bottles to do it

I wanted a wallpaper like this for so long! I never found any who satistied me. This one is cute cute!

Maybe when I get som time I'll do it! 

XX, Poison


Some old outfits I discovered

This photos were taken between 2010 and 2013. I haven't seen them since then! It reflects a little bit of my style during the years. Flowers are everywhere! I absolutely love everything that has a pattern with flowers in it. Of course it depend on the pattern, but at first sight I love them all. They're all outfits quite simple and easy to wear (excpet the one with the can in my hair, that one crossed a little bit the lines, I admit, but it was just for a school project!).
Estas fotografias foram tiradas entre 2010 e 2013. Já não as via desde quase desde que as tirei! Reflectem um bocadinho do meu estilo durante estes anos. Flowers everywhere! Eu adoro tudo o que tenha padrões florais. Claro que depende do padrão mas à primeira vista gosto de todos. Os outfits são simples e fáceis de usar em qualquer ocasião. (exepcto o em que tenho a lata na cabeça, esse é um bocado over the top admito, mas foi para um projecto da escola!).

XX, Poison


IT'S GIVEAWAY TIME!!! (Portugal only)

Nada melhor para comemorar a entrada num novo ano do que 2 Giveaways num!
Para poderem participar sigam os seguintes passos:
1. Like na página:
2. Escolher qual dos itens querem e identificar 2 amigas
Ex: 1. Set of 9 Rings/2. Necklace; @Amiga1 @Amiga2 ;
3. "Share" it the world!

O giveaway acabará no fim do mês e as vencedoras serão sorteadas através do random.org.
Se os resultados forem para o mesmo item o segundo é novamente sorteado.

Good luck! <3

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